My name is Dara McCue

and I am running for State Representative of Belknap-2.

I have voted Democrat in every election yet never assumed an active role, until now. I currently serve as a delegate-at- large but seeing what the Republican Party has done in the last 4 years has made me realize that I need to take further action.

I am running because I want to see the Lakes Region develop into a realistic, affordable and welcoming place for multiple generations. In order to attract younger, working people we need to be able to offer good jobs, a good K-12 educational system, affordable housing and childcare, and affordable college tuition.

To this end:

I believe our school systems for K-12 must be adequately funded. Having spent 20 years in higher education,  I believe colleges must be affordable so students don’t have to carry decades of debt. With affordable education, we can attract and keep a younger group of residents to keep our economy healthy.

I strongly believe that addressing climate change is without question. Solar and wind power have made amazing advancements in my lifetime. I support expanding the selling-back of electricity to reduce energy costs for homes, businesses and institutions. All these goals are possible and necessary.

I love the Lakes Region and want to work to make it even more wonderful. If you agree with my plan, I ask for your support. Please donate what you can to help keep a Democratic House majority. Let’s do this together.

Thank you.